EMS stands for Electro Muscular Stimulation. It is a full-body training method using impulse currents. This is not as scary as it may sound; it is perfectly safe to use.
Every day, our body sends millions of signals through our central nervous system to receive information about our muscles. These signals not only enable us to control our muscles, but they also inform the brain about the shape and status of our nerves, which movements we want to make and how many muscle fibers need to be activated to execute the movement.
EMS uses this same system but intensifies the process, especially the number of activated muscle fibers. Did you know that you can stimulate up to 90% of your muscle fibers with EMS? With regular conventional training, you activate no more than 60%.
Electric signals are sent to your muscles and nerves with the specific purpose of training them. For the body, it really doesn’t matter whether the signal comes from the brain or from a second device like our Body Trainers.

It is possible to reach deeper muscle fibers using our devices, which are normally hard to activate through conventional training methods. One 20-minute EMS training session is therefore just as effective as three strength-training sessions of 60 minutes. There you go – a maximum training in a minimal time frame!


The efficiency of EMS training has been scientifically proven. EMS is a whole-body workout strengthening all groups of muscles. Through this effective muscle building our body burns more calories, what helps us to lose weight, tone and decrease body fat. EMS also fights cellulite and tightens our skin. It is also an effective way for both preventing and rehabilitating common back problems such as disc herniations and muscle tensions. 



EMS training offers many advantages:

  • It is a time-saver. Twenty minutes of EMS training, 5 days a week is all it takes to realize a stronger and healthier you.
  • Since EMS is much more effective than conventional training, you achieve more strength, endurance and maximum power from your workout in a shorter amount of training time.
  • EMS helps to sculpt and tone the body. People tend to experience a lift-like effect on their body and feel healthier overall.
  • EMS can stimulate up to 90 percent of muscle fibers.
  • It's easy, comfortable and efficient to use!